About Us

Holding Head in HandsWe have been working in IT for many years.  Until now always in large public sector or private organisations with large amounts of money available for equipment and services and many users who need to use the systems.  Over this time and with years of installing and maintaining all kinds of technologies and services we noticed that no one was using the same technology or services in small businesses.  After speaking with many of them, it was noted that several common reasons were stopping them using these new, often inexpensive services.  Some of these reasons we have listed below:

  • Did not know who to get the services from.
  • Thought the services would cost lots of money.
  • Did not want to speak with some 'geek' who would either make them feel foolish or baffle them with technical terms.
  • Could not trust the smaller IT organisations, as most are setup by people who have no real experience or pedigree.


The aim of Magikos IT is to break down these barriers, explain IT using straight forward language in ways that everyone can understand and to show that corporate IT services and useful business tools do not need to cost a great deal of money if you know where to look - and we do!

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