Business Email

Email image in orange buttonEmail is now critical to any business and is often the backbone for external and internal communications and business functions.  It is therefore critical that businesses have an Email system that is robust, reliable, available and can expand easily with the growing needs of a business.  No longer can businesses make do with home Email systems like Hotmail, BT or Yahoo as they are now often blocked by companies wishing to protect their companies from spam and non-commercial Email.

At Magikos IT we offer tailored business Email to suit every kind and size of business from single address Email systems through to large corporate deployments.  We make sure that every business gets a robust, reliable service that it needs which can grow as the business needs.  To make sure the system is available when our customers need it, we also offer monitoring with further details being available on our 'System and Website Monitoring' pages.

Business Email services we offer include:

  • Domain Registration
  • Email account creation and management
  • System monitoring
  • Spam filtering
  • DNS management and configuration
  • Email client configuration
  • Email software advise and guidance
  • Web Email service advise, configuration and management
  • Mobile Email client advise and configuration


Magikos IT can offer business critical Email services from only £9 through to high end multi homed services through our managed services.

We always communicate using everyday language so you won't be left feeling like your unsure what is going to be done to help.  So if you would like to have business Email which gives the right impression of your company with your own domain name, please get in touch with Magikos IT via our 'Contact Us' pages. 

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